Colleen currently teaches aerial arts at Aerial Cirque in Dublin, Ireland

Much like Colleen herself, her classes are playful and focus on the beauty of body movement. Having a love for performing, she structures her class in a way where students are learning fundamental aerial moves, all while gaining the confidence to turn them into sequences. 

Her mission as an instructor and human being is to create a judgement free environment where students are excited and comfortable exploring new types of movement.



6pm Intermediate Silks

7pm Beginner/Improver Silks

8pm Advanced Silks


6pm Aerial Sling (all levels)

7pm Beginner/Improver Silks

8pm Intermediate Silks

9pm Beginner/Improver Silks


6pm Intermediate/Advanced Sling

7pm Beginner Silks


10am Beginner/Improver Silks

11am Improver Silks

12pm Beginner/Improver Silks

1pm Intermediate Silks


1pm Aerial Monkeys Silks

2pm Teen Silks


Colleen is available for private lessons at

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upcoming retreats-

New retreat coming soon!

Past Retreats

Upgrade U:
Amplify Your Aerial Journey

with Guest Teachers, Colleen Marie & Maia Adams

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

April 21-28, 2018

Use this week long retreat to progress your aerial silks journey. 2 classes per day (with a free day to explore in the middle of the week). Morning classes with Colleen will explore fundamental technique for beginner/beg-intermediate moves. Afternoons with Maia, will be spent reviewing and refining moves from the AM classes, while developing students’ abilities to conquer transitions. We’ll work together to understand the foundation of all aerial movement, while discovering your own artistry. At the conclusion of this retreat students will have an aerial act and the option to present on the final night.

The rest of our time can be spent eating amazing, healthy food, swimming in the warm ocean, reading in hammocks, and breathing the tropical air.  There will be time to explore local markets and beaches as well as the local night life.

Prerequisites for this retreat include:
1.  Basic / French climb, Russian climb (to the top and down comfortably and controlled)
2.  Foot locks
3.  Working toward inverting